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Rose Quartz, amethyst, howlite, and Rhodonite bracelet  set with gold hmwl hoops

Rose Quartz, amethyst, howlite, and Rhodonite bracelet set with gold hmwl hoops

THis adorable bracelet is 7 1/2 inch of strechy howlite, amethyst, and rose quartz. Perfect to open the pathway of love it ft a gold handmade with love heart charm , as well as a large matching hoop pair of earrings .

 amethyst is a beautiful purple stone that is associated with the crown chakra ; or  third eye. It radiates tranquility and pure peace. The gentle , but powerful stone can help open the third eye; and awaken inner spirituality. Since it's known for clearing , and soothing the mind it is perfect for meditation. Amethyst is also known as the stone of sobriety; it's been used since ancient times to abate the effects of drunkenness . It's helpful for dealing with and understanding the underlying reasons of addictive nature. Also since it dispels negativity it helps create a peaceful environment.

Rose Quartz is a supple pink stone associated with the heart , and higher heart chakra .Known as the "Love stone", it helps divine love, self-love , romantic love; it enhances all areas of the heart. This vibrant crystal radiates tenderness and peace.  Its energy is nurturing can instill a deep sense of self-acceptance. it also can open you up to new love , and romance; as well as ease the heartache of lost love. it strengthens the bond of familial, and platonic love creating harmony; while boosting relationships. Rose Quartz is a good tool to use in times of emotional imbalance or emotional wounds . While gently opening the heart , it can enhance sensuality . Its is believed that rose quartz support fertility , ward off nightmares ; and soothes anxiety.


Rhodonite is a beautiful pink and black stone that is associated with the heart chakra. Known as both the "rescue stone ", and the "stone of forgiveness " it is perfect for grounding , and uplifting after a relationship rift. It helps heal all matters of the heart. The stone also helps give wonderful support during times of transition , and personal evolution . iit has also been known to help uncover true passion , making the person feel more clarity regarding their purpose. Rhodonite also helps realize toxic patterns , and a deep acceptance to leave them behind . It can be helpful to heal the inner self .Transmuting negative emotions the stone is excellent for detoxifying the body. Howlite is a white stone with grey lines that is associated with the crown and root chakra. I like to refer to it as the yin , and yang stone. It attunes the mind to a higher consciousness while offering a subtle grounding. Since it calms the mind from the metal chatter of anxiety/ stress it is perfect for meditation , or deep restful sleep. Stimulating inspiration and creativity. Howlite is known to calm anger, promote peaceful resolutions. it's is helpful for clear communication, because it aids in integrity. If you are prone to  procrastinate use it to shift away from that problematic behavior  .it is also believed to strengthen bones and teeth.

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